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Traffic congestion remains a major apprehension all around the world despite of progress in technological fields concerning public transportation and mixed-use developments. So is the case in commercial capital city of India, but what makes it different from other cities in the world is it’s confounding number of people using public modes to commute. The existing Suburban Railway system though caters to millions of Mumbaikars on a daily basis in a cost-efficient and convenient manner, the issues attached to it are worth worrying about - safety being one of the most prioritized aspects over those related to comfort and cost. With an increasing number of users every year, the trains get overcrowded more and more, leading to higher possibilities of deaths caused by falling off a moving train and stampede on-board and in the stations.





The challenge here is to propose a new system ‘Hyper Local’ for the commuters, and express the vision of how the city might appear in 2030. It is a new network that caters to existing and upcoming issues of Mumbai - and is not limited to commuting, but more. Will your design drive more people to use the public modes of transportation? Or will it generate a balance between private and public modes? The underlying motive is to capture a conceptual picture of how the ‘hyperlocal’ responds to the issues mentioned above and overall Mumbai?






As a design challenge, the entire rail network of Mumbai connecting the local stations acts as the underlying site. The difference here is a patch of land that runs through the entire city connected from end to end. An intervention like this can heal, build, enrich the entire city within. But to set a prototype for addressing common issues and possible outcomes at a practical level,  the site selected is the link between stations of Andheri and Vile Parle on the Western Line of Mumbai suburban network. This patch of the land is inclusive of both the stations.



1st Prize

Reward of 2000$, trophy + certificate. Open for both categories (student and professional)

2 Runner ups

1000$ Cash Prize for the Juror's Choice to 1 professional & 1 student

People's choice award

Reward of 500$, trophy + certificate to 1 Professional & 1 Student

10 Honorable mentions

Each honorable mention gets a medal + certificate and our biannual digest of COMMUN (open for both categories: student & professional)


All medal holders, and winners will get an elaborate section of publishing in the COMMUN 2019 design book, and on our partner websites

Exhibition of Entries

50 shortlisted entries will be featured on our website and will be awarded a certificate.


Late Registrations ends: 5th June 2018

Indian Students 40$ | Indian Professional 60$ | Other Students 100$ | Other Professional 120$


Last Date of Submission: 15th June 2018


Public Voting begins : 25th June 2018


Result Declaration: 15th August 2018



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  1. The awards are open to students and professionals of all disciplines.
  2. Student level include individuals enrolled in a full time Bachelor’s/Undergraduate, Master’s/Undergraduate. Ph. D.  student's will be considered as a professional .
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  4. Students participating in the contest will require to produce a certificate of bona-fide from their universities as a proof of enrollment in an academic program, during result declaration, failing which their entry will be canceled.
  5. The competition is open to all nationalities around the world.
  6. Team/Individual participation is permitted. A maximum of 5 people can participate in a team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is ‘commun’?

Commun is an organization which focuses on urban scale issues and challenges young minds to come up with solutions by means of competitions.


Q2. What is 'Hyperlocal’?

‘Hyperlocal’ is a competition organized by Commun which is based upon idea of inadequate and outdated transportation network in city of Mumbai, India. This competition challenges designers to re-design/ improve/ modify existing local rail network in the city taking into consideration urban factors.


Q3. I’ve never been to Mumbai and don’t know much about the city. Will that be a problem?

No! not at all. This competition doesn’t require participants to physically visit Mumbai at any stage. All the data that is needed will be provided by commun as ‘Additional material’ via e-mail to participants whose payment is confirmed.


Q4. I’m interested. What do I do now?

All you need to do is click on register above or visit


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We ask for registration fee to ensure that only serious participants take part. Apart from that, it helps us bear logical expenses.


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Yes you can. Choice for both Individual or team participation is available. But in case of team, maximum number of participants are restricted to 5.


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In the registration page, you're only required to provide details of team leader or any 1 team member. However at time of submission, you'll need to enter details of all team members on our platform.


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Once you participate, you’ll receive premium ‘Additional material’ along with a best practice guideline from UNI which is summary of best presentation techniques for you to follow. It surely will improve your chances of winning. See the awards for winning entries here.


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